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Cosmetic Dentistry

Totem Lake Cosmetic Dentistry Services

We provide cosmetic dentist Totem Lake services with a wide range of cosmetic options and treatments for our clients, including getting a new set of veneers to improve your smile with custom teeth whitening. We want you to leave our office feeling confident in your cosmetic dental experience.

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Teeth Whitening

We have the equipment and skill to transform your teeth into a whiter, brighter smile. Get rid of those unwanted stains and embarrassing discolorations with our custom teeth whitening procedures. This quick in-office visit may require some take-home options for challenging situations.

Dental Bonding

Our expert dental team will manage and restore those unsightly chips, spaces, or uneven gum lines so you can get the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. These composite resins are safe and effective to work throughout your entire tooth area, including those hard-to-reach back areas.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a great way to transform dull, stained, or imperfect teeth into stunning smiles that will redefine your image. These are custom-fabricated shells of ceramic porcelain that cover the surface of your teeth and remove imperfections without damaging your ability to use and enjoy your teeth.